Crafted Items
Item Where
Memory Recovery Potion Alchemy Laboratory
Love Potion Alchemy Laboratory
Paints Alchemy Laboratory
Courage Potion Alchemy Laboratory
Bang-Bang Powder Alchemy Laboratory
Potion of Forgetting Alchemy Laboratory
Fairy's Lights Alchemy Laboratory
Ether Artifact Alchemy Laboratory
Awakening Potion Alchemy Laboratory
Healing Potion Alchemy Laboratory
Antidote Potion Alchemy Laboratory
Strength Potion Alchemy Laboratory
Dough Bakery
Pie Bakery
Royal Treat Bakery
Cat's Cake Bakery
Unicorn's Treat Bakery
Dragon Food Bakery
Holiday Cake Bakery
Odd Figurine Dwarf's Forge
Knight's Helmet Dwarf's Forge
Sharp Blade Dwarf's Forge
Spell Sword Dwarf's Forge
Heroic Armor Dwarf's Forge
Spare Part Dwarf's Forge
Castle Dwarf's Forge
Tournament Spear Dwarf's Forge
Fine Artifact Dwarf's Forge
Iron Shield Dwarf's Forge
Steel Cuirass Dwarf's Forge
Tarred Planks Guild of Builders
Trough Guild of Builders
Cement Guild of Builders
Brickwork Guild of Builders
Construction Plate Guild of Builders
Heroic Breakfast Guild of Heroes
Travelling Stores Guild of Heroes
Guidestone Guild of Heroes
Chest of Knowledge Guild of Heroes
Ghostly Artifact Guild of Heroes
Firefly Lantern Guild of Heroes
Evil Hunter Inventor's Tower
Mechanical Mouse Inventor's Tower
Tournament Target Inventor's Tower
Virtue Dispenser Inventor's Tower
Mystical Gun Inventor's Tower
Mechanical Dragon Inventor's Tower
Fertilizer Inventor's Tower
Magical Watch Inventor's Tower
Mechanism of Eternity Inventor's Tower
Amulet of Changes Inventor's Tower
Time Machine Inventor's Tower
Air Artifact Inventor's Tower
Secret Box Inventor's Tower
Staff of Lucidity Inventor's Tower
Mechanical Picklock Inventor's Tower
Candlestick Jewelry Workshop
Dice Jewelry Workshop
Framed Stone Jewelry Workshop
Magic Necklace Jewelry Workshop
Stella of Inspiration Jewelry Workshop
Cat's Collar Jewelry Workshop
Miraculous Casket Jewelry Workshop
Mithril Artifact Jewelry Workshop
Magic Drink Juice Emporium
Bug Juice Juice Emporium
Foam Fountain Juice Emporium
Cocktail of Dreams Juice Emporium
Dragon's Treat Juice Emporium
Water Artifact Juice Emporium
Festival Apparel Tailor's House
Luck Catcher Tailor's House
Wedding Dress Tailor's House
Tomfool Costume Tailor's House
Picture Show Tailor's House
Earth Artifact Tailor's House
Order Completion Items
Item Where
Wooden Planks Builder's House
Bricks Builder's House
Marble Builder's House
Glass Builder's House
Hammer Craftsman's Shop
Saw Craftsman's Shop
Construction Pack Craftsman's Shop
Multitool Craftsman's Shop
Copper Plate Foundry of Commodities
Silver Workpiece Foundry of Commodities
Gold Ingot Foundry of Commodities
Mithril Foundry of Commodities
Rough Emerald Gem Cutter's Workshop
Faceted Ruby Gem Cutter's Workshop
Faceted Sapphire Gem Cutter's Workshop
Sparkling Diamond Gem Cutter's Workshop
Witch Rose Herbalist's Hut
Lavender Bunch Herbalist's Hut
Mandrake Root Herbalist's Hut
Rare Herbarium Herbalist's Hut
Flour Mill
Rye Mill
Corn Bran Mill
Silver Spikelet Mill
Ball of Yarn Weaving Workshop
Patch Weaving Workshop
Flax Cloth Weaving Workshop
Silk Canvas Weaving Workshop