Dropped Items
Item Where Order
Tanned Skin Houses -
Sweets Houses -
Chocolates Houses -
Sugar Houses -
Milk Houses -
Caramel Houses -
Stone Stone Pit Any
Sand Stone Pit Simple
Ancient Artifact Stone Pit Average, Standard, Profitable
Waterskin Stone Pit Any
Wood Sawmill Any
Resin Sawmill Any
Light Hand Axe Sawmill Any
Firestriker Sawmill Any
Plush Puppy Houses
Amber Rainbow Mine Simple
Amber Insect Rainbow Mine Average
Map of the Kingdom Owl's Post Any
Manuscript Owl's Post Simple
Feather Owl's Post Average
Bottle Owl's Post Standard
Astrolabe Owl's Post Profitable
Golden Apple Apple Garden Average, Profitable
Apples Apple Garden Simple, Standard
Spiteful Bug Garden Bed Strawberry
Honey Bee Garden Bed Rainbow Mushrooms
Lightning Bug Garden Bed Curly Onions
Bag of Fertilizer Garden Bed Zucchini
Straw Hat Garden Bed Any
Sharp Pitchfork Garden Bed, Farmer's House Any
Piece of Happiness Happy Garden Simple, Standard
Candies Happy Garden Average, Profitable
Handy Apron Garden Bed, Farmer's House Any
Watering Can Farmer's House -
Fruit Jelly Happy Garden Any
Traveling Staff Hotel Any
Strange Coin Hotel Standard
Ripe Acorns Chopping Trees -
Bucket of Water Hotel Simple
Nails Hotel Average
Inkwell Hotel Profitable
Fir Cones Chopping Trees -
Wanderer's Medallion Owl's Post Any
Rope Weaving Workshop Any
Grapes Grapeyard L2 -
Sky Bagel Heaven Garden Simple, Standard
Sugar Pretzel Heaven Garden Any
Package with Sweets Gingerbread House -
Cornucopia Heaven Garden Average, Profitable