Your new kingdom comes with Spruce (though this doesn't explain why they drop Fir cones when you chop them) and Oak trees.  The Spruce and Oak will spawn again over time.  This continues until level 18, when the Wonders of Elven Magic quests are unlocked.  Thereafter, tree saplings will be created when you order wood from the sawmill .  Each order produces a different sapling.  You may plant these saplings in your kingdom, but be careful of where you place them.  Once dropped they cannot be moved.  The trees need to be watered with Buckets of Water from the Hotel (Simple order)  then allowed to grow for 8 hours before they are available for harvesting.
  • a single tree requires 15 Food to fell completely (5 Food per chop)
  • one sapling takes up a 4x4 space
  • Oak trees occasionally drop Ripe Acorns, but only if they spawned in your kingdom; Big Oak trees dropped from Sawmill orders do not drop Ripe Acorns

Tree Type Sawmill Order Yield
Spruce Simple 15 Wood; 5 Spruce Branch; Fir Cone
Oak Average 30 Wood; 5 Oak Branch
Ash Standard 21 Wood; 5 Ash Branch
Willow Profitable 27 Wood; 5 Willow Branch