Shop of Animals
Size 5x5
Placement Timer 1h 40m
Drops Mousetrap, Toy Mouse, Paper Dragon,
The Shop of Animals is available for purchase at Castle Level 3. A second Shop of Animals can be built at Level ? and a third is available for purchase at Level 15.

Hover on the different orders below to see the upgrade costs

Build Req's: 1h 40m Placement timer - (3)Trough, (3)Hammer, (3)SandUpgrade cost: 250w, 250f, 150s, 1500c, 15m timerUpgrade cost: 350w, 350f, 250c, 2400c, 1h timerUpgrade cost: 500w, 500f, 400c, 3400c, 3h timerSoA4
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