Price 50 Coin
Drops Firestriker, Light Hand Axe, Resin, Silver Bark
The Sawmill is available for purchase when you start the game.

You may purchase a 2nd Sawmill at Castle L3. A fourth Sawmill is available for purchase at Castle L6.

Build limit: There can be a maximum of 4 Sawmills at once in your kingdom.

The building can be leveled up to open more options. Hover on the options below to see the building costs.

Starting level: 30s placement timer, 50cUpgrade cost: 50w, 30f, 250c, 10min timerUpgrade cost: 150w, 100f, 50mo, 450c, 40m timerUpgrade cost: 300w, 200f, 100 magic ore, 900c, 2h timerFairy Kingdom -- Sawmill Level 4
About this image

  • Wood (all orders)
  • Resin (all orders)
  • Light Hand Axe
  • Firestriker (all orders)
  • Silver Bark (Standard Order)