Owl's Post
Owl's post store
Size 5x5
Drops Manuscript, Feather, Bottle, Astrolabe, Map of the Kingdom, Wanderer's Medallion
The Owl's Post is the first coin generating building for your kingdom. You need to build one for the Old Friends quest.  

Build limit: There can be a maximum of 4 Owls' Posts in your kingdom at once.

The building can be leveled up to open more options. Hover on the different orders below to see the upgrade costs
Starting level- 30w to buildUpgrade cost 50w, 50f, 200c, 20s, 5 min timerUpgrade cost 75w, 75f, 35s, 600c, 20m timerUpgrade cost 100w, 100f, 50s, 1000c, 1h timerOwl's post complete
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