Size 4x4
Drops Spyglass

Although the Observatory is not a required building for the game, it is a desirable one to own.  Each level of order produces a higher level of building resources.

In order to build the Observatory you must complete a set of quests:

  • "Astrologers" starts the Observatory Quest Set
  • Unicorns are found in the Shop > Decoration tab.
  • You need all three unicorns for the observatory.
  • "Sky Keeper" Reward used in building the Observatory

Hover on the different orders below to see the initial Build Requirements + Upgrade costs

Build Req's: (1) Heart of the Star (1) Heart of the Moon (1) Heart of the SunUpgrade cost: 500f, 500s, 250mo, 4600c, 30m timerUpgrade cost: 800f, 800s, 400mo, 6600c, 1h timerUpgrade cost: 1000f, 1000s, 600mo, 9000c, 2h timerObs4
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Order Completion Rewards
Simple Order (10) Of each Resource (W, S, F, MO)
Average Order (3)Wooden Planks (3)Bricks (3)Marble (3)Glass, (3)Hammer (3)Saws (3)Construction Packs (3)Multitool
Standard Order (1)Tarred Plank (1)Trough (1)Cement (1)Brickwork (1)Construction Plate
Profitable Order (1)Knight's Helmet (1)Sharp Blade (1)Spell Sword (1)Heroic Armor (1)Spare Part (there might be other items but these are cofirmed drops)

  • As you can see, the rewards are pretty incredible, and well worth the steep price for starting the orders. I find the Average Order to be VERY useful!