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If you have Tips to share please use the comment box at the bottom of this page. Thank you!

  • Spruce Trees will repopulate your land, they cost 5f and give 10w per chop
  • Oak Trees will not repopulate your land so don't chop all of them down if you like them as decorations - they cost 5f to chop and give 10w per chop
  • Rocks do not respawn either - they cost 3f to chop and give 1s
  • You may only visit 10 neighbors a day and neighbors do not see your visit, nor will you see theirs
  • You can only click on houses at your neighbors, the more expensive houses give 40c + 1f, the less expensive give 30, 20 and 10c + 1f, So try to visit neighbors who have the highest level houses and click those.
  • The Inbox is broken at this time. If you get a notification about a request from a friend, they are sending out mass invites to the game
  • When you get the mission to build a foam fountain, it goes into your inventory you have to take it out and place it.
  • When you get to the Observatory quest this page will give you all the info you need to get through it: Observatory
  • Make sure you do not purchase any of the Unicorns until you get the Quest: Sky Keeper - also the Unicorn of the Sun is cheaper to bypass in the quest log than to purchase from the Shop. (25Cr instead of 50)
  • The Quests, Searching for Fame and Scaffold Show, from Plutus ask for the Stella of Inspiration.  If you currently have both, crafting one Stella will count for both quests.
  • Invite Neighbors for Crystal Rewards Quest: The way the invite system works is, you get rewarded for inviting NEW
    players. If you have added friends that are already playing the game at the moment of invite, it doesn't count towards the reward.
  • Trees cannot be moved. If you plant a Willow or Ash tree that drops from your Sawmill, make sure you place it where you want it to remain as there is no way to move it currently