Heaven Garden

Ready to harvest!

Heaven Garden
Heaven Garden shop
Size 2x2
Placement Timer No timer
Drops Sky Bagel, Sugar Pretzel, Gingerbread Flower, Cornucopia

The Heaven Garden is a source of food for your kingdom.
This essentially replaced energy demand in the game.
Your first Heaven Garden is unlocked at Castle level 6.

You can build two Heaven Gardens at this point. A third and fourth Heaven Garden can be built at Castle Level 7. Once you reach Castle Level 8, you are able to build a fifth Heaven Garden.

Hover on the different orders below to see the initial Build Requirements + Upgrade costs

Build Req's: NoneUpgrade cost: 140f, 350w, 250mo, 1700c, 20m timerUpgrade cost: 380f, 400w, 300 mo, 2300c, 1h 30m timerUpgrade cost: 800f, 450w, 350mo, 2800c, 4h timerHeaven Garden menu
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