*Once you get the Pumpkin Seeds you will want to continue planting them over and over, they give you Pumpkin Juice and you will need lots of it.


Quest Name: Horror Festival 1/10

  • Find (5) Brooms
  • Reward: (1) Witch Cauldron, 100c, 10exp
  • Note: Brooms drop from Houses. Sometimes the houses will ask for certain gifts - "Bat" - "Night Spider" - "Skull of the Damned" and want you to request these items from facebook friends who don't even play FK. You can either send out the request and get a "treat" from the house, or ignore the quest. Eventually you will have fewer and fewer houses to fill requests for and brooms will take longer to get but don't give up! If you decide not to send requests to your friends that don't play, that is fine, once you get further along in the quest you will have alternative ways of getting those items.

Quest Name: Horror Festival 2/10

  • Place the Witch's Cauldron
  • Reward: (5) Garden Pumpkin Seed, 150c, 15exp

Quest Name: Horror Festival 3/10

  • Plant a Garden Pumpkin Seed
  • Grow a Garden Pumpkin
  • Cut down the Pumpkin and get the Pumpkin Juice
  • Reward: 200c, 20exp

Quest Name: Horror Festival 4/10

  • Add some Pumpkin Juice to the Witch's Cauldron
  • Find a Bat inside the Cauldron
  • Reward: 250c, 25exp

Quest Name: Horror Festival 5/10

  • Find a "Night Spider" inside the Cauldron
  • Find the "Skull of the Damned" inside the Cauldron
  • Reward: 300c, 30exp

Quest Name: Horror Festival 6/10

  • Use the Bat to scare citizens
  • Use Night Spider to scare citizens
  • Use Skull of the Damned to scare citizens
  • Note: Scare citizens by filling house requests
  • Reward: 350c, 35exp

Quest Name: Horror Festival 7/10

  • Scare (10) Citizens
  • Get (50) Packages with Sweets (text is incorrect on the quest)
  • Reward: 400c, 40exp

Quest Name: Horror Festival 8/10

  • Scare (30) Citizens
  • Get (150) Packages with Sweets
  • Reward: 450c, 45exp

Quest Name: Horror Festival 9/10

  • Scare (50) Citizens
  • Get (250) Packages with Sweets
  • Reward: 500c, 50exp

Quest Name: Horror Festival 10/10

  • Scare (100) Citizens
  • Get (500) Packages with Sweets
  • Reward: 50 Cr