Garden Bed
Garden bed
Drops Spiteful Bug, Sweet Strawberry, Honey Bee, Lightning Bug, Straw Hat, Sharp Pitchfork
Garden bed final

The Garden Bed is a source of food for your kingdom.
This essentially replaced energy demand in the game.
Your first Garden Bed is placed in the tutorial and a second one is unlocked at level 2.

Build limit: There can be a maximum of 4 Garden Beds in your kingdom at once.

Hover on the different orders below to see the upgrade costs

Build Req's: NoneUpgrade cost: 30w, 20f, 100c, 5 min timerUpgrade cost: 80w, 90f, 300c, 20m timerUpgrade cost: 120w, 290f, 500c, 1h timerGarden bed complete
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  • Strawberry
  • Rainbow Mushrooms
  • Curly Onions
  • Zucchini