Fairy Kingdom is a story driven game.  The goal is to restore the kingdom and free Princess Alice.  To help you achieve these goals, there are different characters in the game who will give you direction via quests.  There are 7 main characters and although there are more characters than this, the 7 are the important ones who establish the quests.  You will meet them as your game progresses.

  • Fairy is your first ally in the game. She will help you reclaim the land.
  • Gustav is the ghost that lingers in the castle. He will help you restore the kingdom.
  • Manulius is a mysterious cat, but aren't all cats mysterious?
  • Plutus intercepts your plea for help to free Alice. He'll help as long as he isn't distracted by food, drink or pretty girls.
  • Caesar the fool, or is he?
  • Grizel has an axe and she's not afraid to use it.
  • Ressa, or more commonly known as "The Witch".