Alchemy Laboratory
Size 5x5
Placement Timer 1h
Build (3)Saw (2)Construction Plates (3)Tarred Planks
 The Alchemy Laboratory is used mainly for the creation of potions. The Ether Artifact is created in this building. You may purchase your first Alchemy Laboratory at Castle L5. 

Click on recipe links to find detailed information about ingredients.

Recipe IndexEdit

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Memory Recovery PotionEdit

Frost PotionEdit

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Lover's InkEdit

Love PotionEdit

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Courage PotionEdit

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Bang-bang PowderEdit

Potion of ForgettingEdit

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Fairy's LightsEdit

Ether ArtifactEdit

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Awakening PotionEdit

Healing PotionEdit

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Antidote PotionEdit

Strength PotionEdit